12 Chic Halloween Costume Ideas

October 19 2017

Halloween is my jam, y'all. A close second to Christmas for me holiday-wise. The love is not reciprocated though, it seems that Halloween never (trick-or-) treats me right. I always have grand costume plans and then either A) there's no party to go to and it's not worth putting in the effort; B) I have no time to make the perfect costume and feel really bad about myself; or C) I try to be overly clever with my costume and it totally falls flat (i.e. when you buy a "sexy lobster" costume to be ironic, it just looks like you wanted to be a sexy lobster). 

This year it's looking like "A" is in the forecast, so I'm not sure what my costume situation is. But just in case, I wanted to find some chic costume ideas that aren't super conceptual, but rather just pretty to look at. We'll start with some options that are on the spookier, more adventurous side, because you know, I can't help but to make things difficult on myself.

Chic halloween costume ideas

And here are some slightly more approachable, lighthearted options:

chic halloween costume ideas

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And because the right music is vital for setting the mood on occasions like these, here's my go-to Halloween Playlist. FYI, you'll probably see the same one every year. There's only so many Halloween appropriate songs, and since I like to live my life by adages – if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 


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