October 23 2014

Is there anything more nostalgic than a charm bracelet? I thought mine would be perfect to feature for my inaugural "throwback Thursday" blog series, in which I will feature pieces from my personal jewelry collection and the stories behind them. After all, isn't that what draws us to jewelry? It has a special power to elicit memories of a particular time period, place or person that I think can only be rivaled by music. I vividly remember going through my mom's jewelry box as a child – carefully inspecting every piece, asking how she acquired it, hearing the stories about her mother and grandmother who had passed their treasures down to her. Jewelry is a link between generations, and it's that quality that drives my passion for creating it.

One particular piece that I gawked over during said jewelry box sessions was a charm bracelet packed full of the most intricately beautiful antique heart charms. I marveled at the fact that they were all hearts, but each so uniquely different. I believe it had been my great-grandmother's (correct me if I'm wrong, Mom). I think it was the degree of my infatuation with this bracelet that encouraged my mom to start the tradition for me, in which a charm would be given every Christmas and to commemorate special occasions. It was a practice that continued long after I grew out of wearing it, and I'm so glad it did, because it's a pretty interesting record of my phases and interests. Those who know me might be amused by certain past activities – cheerleading? soccer? sorority? Who knew.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how gifted my orthodontist was? Thanks, Dr. Brady.


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