October 27 2014

While I eventually plan to do a more detailed blog post explaining the casting process, I wanted to do a quick preview first. I know for most people the word "casting" is pretty hazy. Whenever I go into particulars with someone, I'm faced with a glazed look accompanied by murmured "hmm's" and "uh-huh's" that don't exactly encourage me to delve deeply into the subject.

It's pretty technical and there are many steps, but the skinny is as follows: your original piece is molded; the mold is used to repeatedly shoot production waxes (the pink pieces above); multiple production waxes are attached together to form a "tree" and put into a vial. There are a few more stages after this, but ultimately the vial is filled with your choice of metal and you are left with a metal tree that looks exactly as your wax tree did. The pieces are then cut off and polished, and you have your final creations. The instance above is a new cuff that will be available next year.

I know all the steps are far from being illustrated here, but when handmade products are concerned it's helpful to have at least a vague understanding of where they are coming from and how they are being produced. Thanks for humoring me!

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  • Mithun: January 10, 2015

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