art deco influence

April 07 2015

As many of you know, my jewelry is often inspired by Native American and Southwestern sources, but the shapes in my both my new spring line and previous collection are also influenced by the dramatic geometry of the Art Deco era. While this streamlined, sleek design style of 1920s and 30s was derived from the Machine Age as opposed to the rough natural elements that Native American craftsmen draw from, there are actually many parallels in the graphic shapes of the two genres. I love to mix the refined elegance of one with the natural grit of the other.

I remember being stunned in 2013 by the visual feast of Baz Luhrmann's version of The Great Gatsby. (Along with everyone else – it opened the fashion flood gates for Deco style, making it almost passé at this point. Almost. A girl likes what a girl likes, right?). I find the Art Deco movement so intriguing for its ability to penetrate every aspect of life during that era. Architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior decor, industrial design, left it's mark on everything.

Including jewelry – the house of Cartier reigned supreme during that time. Vintage Cartier jewelry has always resonated with me from a design standpoint – long before a career in jewelry was even a blip on my radar. The book full of Cartier treasures pictured above is a constant source of inspiration that I reference for ideas regarding silhouette and structure. Their pieces are the pinnacle of modern elegance, while also borrowing from a variety of ancient civilizations and cultures – Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and Asian characteristics can all be seen throughout their work. The Egyptian vibe tends to come through in my own designs, especially pieces like the Armor Necklace.

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