day & night outfits with the valor earrings

April 14 2015

With this collection, I've found the Valor Earrings to be super versatile from day to night. They take it up a notch from everyday studs (like the Dart or Quill), but don't go straight to funkytown (like the Circulation Earrings). My first Day & Night post is admittedly nothing cutting edge or innovative, but an accurate representation of my own everyday style. If I'm really being honest, I usually work in cut-offs and an oversized tee, sans jewelry. But when I venture out to a meeting or some such activity, I might swap out the tee for something like this lovely Cuyana silk shirt and throw on some cuffs and earrings.

Lately I've been making an effort to analyze and be more intentional with my wardrobe, which has brought me to the realization that I'm an accessories person at heart. With clothing, I stick to basics that are interesting in silhouette or texture, then add some quirkiness with shoes, bags and jewelry. BUT...that's not to say I don't love a good fringed kimono or crazily patterned midi dress. I think I gravitate to extremes.

silk tee / espadrilles / denim shorts / valor earrings


For a night look, I still like to stay pretty relaxed. Unless I have an "event" and am really going for it, I usually pair a dress with flats or maybe some chunky mid-sized heels. Hair up, shift dress, dangly earrings – a great way to welcome warmer weather! (Like that tongue twister I threw in there?). I've also been really into mixing metallics lately...just me?

slip-ons / shift dress / valor earrings

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  • Yaniie: October 24, 2015

    It’s so funny that you’re in Utah and saying, “Out west.” At least I’m asunsimg you’re still in Utah. Utah is so… not west. At least to me. I’ve been watching your blog for a few days now, and I have to say… you’ve inspired me to buy more lipstick. Fab! And super fun!

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