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April 23 2015

In this post a few months ago, I explained how the Nadua Necklace in my previous collection was named for a distant connection in my lineage – Comanche chief Quanah Parker's mother. The idea for the pendant I used in that necklace was sparked by a cross motif I kept seeing in historical Native American photos. Apparently, for Mississippian tribes the cross represented the division of order between the underworld, middleworld and upperworld. I was intrigued by the idea of one symbol having completely differing meanings from culture to culture. (There's also a swastika in Native American symbology that represents the sun, the four directions and the four seasons – crazy right?).

The otherworldly aspect of the Native American symbol made me see it as a more of a star, so I morphed the two to create an ambiguous piece – is it a cross, is it a star? Everyone can find their own meaning. With my new collection, I let my interest in astrological imagery take the piece in a more celestial direction and created the Stardust Earrings and Stardust Necklace. I recently brought a torch into my studio, so I was able to solder my cross/stars into different compositions that resemble star clusters. Reinventing old ideas with a fresh approach helps keep things interesting in other aspects of life as well – wardrobe, cooking... If I'm growing sick of something, it helps to intentionally change it up while keeping the things I like about it.

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