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For the past few months, I've started listening to podcasts while doing production tasks that don't require immense concentration. As someone who spends much of the day alone in her home office, these have been a godsend! It's so uplifting to hear other women and entrepreneurs delving into the same issues that I find frustrating and offering hugely helpful life and business tips.

I'll go into this in more detail later, but after having "one of those days" yesterday, I wanted to touch on this idea of creating new moments. I had recently listened to Jess Lively's talk (her podcast The Lively Show is seriously amazing!) with Hal Elrod, and he has a philosophy that it's ok to be negative but only for five minutes. Whether small or large, you can't reverse whatever is bothering you – all you can do is change or move past it.

As someone who tends to dwell, I really tried to take this to heart. Especially after hearing Hal's story. He was in a horrific car accident, officially died for several minutes and was told he would never walk again. People in the hospital marveled at his positivity toward the situation and thought he was in denial, but he simply felt lucky to be alive and decided to focus his energy on recuperation. It was probably this attitude that allowed him to make an unlikely full recovery.

Kinda puts things in perspective, right? So after pitching a private hissy fit about all the little crap that was going wrong yesterday, I remembered this story. And while I'm still working on the five minute part, I decided to start today fresh!


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