trust your instincts

May 14 2015

While creating my next collection, I've learned the hard way that it's usually best to trust your instincts. I'm not sure why, but lately I've been second-guessing my design decisions only to realize once it's already too late that my initial concept was best. Case in point, the wax pictured above was a nearly finished piece that I got cold feet over and rashly tore into with a file and no logical plan. A few short minutes later, multiple hours of work was ruined and I was left with a sad, maimed little wax. My choices were to painstakingly rebuild the damage (you can see the progress on the top right side) or start over. So from here on out, I'm trying to not over analyze things so dang much – something I should certainly apply to other aspects of my life and business!

For those of you who are completely lost, all of my jewelry begins with these carvings that I sculpt from wax, which are then molded and cast in bronze. Good examples of how these pieces turn out can be seen in the Armor Necklace and Moonbeam Necklace. Anyone who's interested can watch this video for a behind the scenes look at wax casting and molding. Everything I do starts from a sketch, which is then three dimensionally translated into the wax carving. There's also a photo up there (that I'm not proud of) which shows what my work space situation currently looks like. Yikes.


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