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October 29 2015

The seasons are finally shifting here in Dallas and therefore so are my closet, beauty routine, music, and general mood. I thought I’d share my selection of current fall favorites from these categories, but first I must disclose a confession.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling burnt out by the constant push, push, push of products, interiors, recipes, outfits, trends and everything else the internet so graciously bestows upon us. I’ll readily admit that the internet is a wonderous thing that has allowed me to pursue my passions and, more importantly, provided some priceless Ryan Gosling memes. But it’s also a slippery slope that can lead to comparison and envy.

Trust me, I’m uncomfortably aware of the irony and hypocrisy of this statement, considering that I’m hawking my own products and social content as we speak. This is a constant internal struggle I have when promoting my business. But I think I’ve finally come to a resolution, which is this:

I can’t control the quantity or quality of content that other (mostly) well-intentioned souls are releasing into the world. And I can’t be responsible for any detriment that this content (and technology in general) may be having on our society. All I can do is regulate my own internet consumption and resolve to create the most thoughtful, interesting and genuine content and jewelry that I can.

So by all means, if you ever find that what you’re seeing from me doesn’t float your boat in the most perfect way, PLEASE unsuscribe, unfollow, unwhatever. I’m personally making moves to declutter the noise that doesn’t uplift me, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

I’ll wrap up my old fogey rant now and leave you with one more thing. Anything I feature on my blog is something that I’ve purchased, used, loved and believe in strongly enough to share. As I’ve previously mentioned, there’s an abundance of both amazing and crappy stuff out there right now. I’m just trying to help the non-crap float to the top.

fall fashion beauty favorites



Butter nailpolish in Queen Vic ($15): I don’t know if there’s anyone more qualified to judge the quality of a nailpolish than a jewelry designer. Yes, it’s pricier than average, but if chipping is a constant problem for you, this stuff definitely dries fast and has staying power. And I love this perfect shade of plum for fall.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream ($56): Dryness is my biggest skin problem, especially during cold weather. I’ve gone through a LOT of moisturizers, but this one seems to be the winner thus far. It’s the perfect amount of creaminess – doesn’t dry too fast or slow – and I have yet to see a skin flake on my nose (the telltale sign of an insufficient moisturizer).

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Palais Royal ($26): During cool weather, I’m partial to the occasional strong lip. However, I can’t handle the constant worrying about whether taking my last bite of food has just turned me into a psychotic clown. So I’ve given up on traditional lipsticks and now favor soft pencils that let you blend in the color and fade out the edges for a more natural stained look.


Rails Denim Button-Down ($138): This LA based company makes some super soft button-downs (everyone who hugs me says so). They also offer both traditional and longer length options – I have one of each. They’re not cheap, but a very fair price for a quality item that you’ll wear over and over.

Madewell High Riser Skinny Jeans ($135): I don’t know how else to put it: these jeans make me feel hawt. They’re the perfect rise that’s high, but not overly so, and they fit tightly but are still comfortable.

Madewell Overalls ($148): Boom, I went there. These might be my most trendy purchase in years. But, they’re the perfect example of being selective with trends you really like and having fun with them. The black color helps keep them from going too farmergirl, and they’re just dang cozy. Come to think of it, this entire collage is looking a little farmergirl...weird.

Dear Frances Booties ($595): Alright, before we freak out on the price, know that I was lucky enough to score these puppies at half off. Even then, they’re probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought myself. But I don’t regret a single dime because I know that I'll treasure these shoes as works of art for many years. (In case you can't tell, the heel has a sliver of clear lucite). These are made by hand in a family owned Italian factory, and again, a high quality investment piece.


Mayan Earrings: These stunners have been on heavy rotation for me already. I've surprised myself by how casually I can wear them, and they're actually quite lightweight. Coming to the online shop soon!


Tame Impala: Their new album Currents has been on my Spotify pretty regularly. Perfect balance of upbeat and chill.

Ryan Adams' 1989: One of my favorite musicians kinda blew my mind with his cover of Taylor Swift's entire album. Strange how a different version of the same song can just seem more...meaningful? Sorry Tay, I still love you.




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