Aquamarine, my summer stone

August 02 2018

Aquamarine, to me, is nature’s solution to the face-melting heat that pours from a Texas summer’s oven door. She's the wiser, older sister of the aggressively overzealous A/C unit that is at once a savior and a curse, as so many modern inventions are. At peace with her inability to physically provide coolness, she finds her younger sibling’s relentless blast of 65 degree ice-air to be tiring and obvious.

As someone whose summertime indoor activities are always accompanied by an unseasonable jacket, I can appreciate Aquamarine’s subtlety. Its pale blue clarity splashed with seafoamy yellow-green has long been associated with the properties of water. Just looking through the stone is like a mental thirst quenching, internal relief from the heat’s agitative oppression – and the reason I chose Aquamarine as a focus of my upcoming collection.

A stone’s power can be both personal and universal. The above reflections describe how Aquamarine resonates with me personally. As I delve into more research on the properties of stones, I’m often surprised by how the data and historic lore mirror my own instinctive reactions.

Here's more information on common beliefs and uses for Aquamarine:

Used to release fear and calm nerves.
Filters information and removes extraneous thought, providing mental clarity.
Helpful in understanding underlying emotional states and interpreting how you feel.
Breaks self-defeating programming and leads to dynamic change.
Said to be the treasure of mermaids and was often used by sailors for protection while at sea.


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