Low-key Valentine's Ideas

January 30 2018

Admittedly, Valentine's Day is lowest on the totem pole in terms of holidays for me, but I do typically like to plan something easy and a bit special. So even if you're not all in for this Hallmark holiday, I encourage you to shake up the routine and consider some low-key ideas this Valentine's Day: 

low key valentine's ideas

Play the slow jams. Dim the lights. Light all the candles. Boom, you've created a cozy, romantic setting while doing approximately nothing. Especially since I'm providing the jams below.

And if you want to step it up a notch, eat some decadent food that you wouldn't usually indulge in. Our go-to's are ordering in lobster or crab from Legal Seafood (if you can stomach the guilt of committing crustaceancide, you can even get them shipped live). Or if you're the cooking type, you can always turn to Ina  – her foie gras with roasted apples and baked fontina are also guilt-inducing, but so, so worth it. 

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As for gifts, might I recommend my fool-proof birthstone necklaces? Personalized hand-engraved inscriptions are also available to make it super customized. You can even get a 15% discount through February 5th when you sign up for my email list in the footer below!

birthstone personalized necklace


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