Signature Collection Preview: Ripple Birthstone Necklace

October 16 2017

I’m very excited to announce the imminent release of my first Signature Collection, which will be available next week. These are the pieces that I was constantly wishing I had, until it dawned on me: “Hey, I’m a jewelry designer, why don’t I make them?” Genius, right?

While I’m now focused on one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry, the Signature Collection is what I consider my wardrobe essentials and will be available year around. However, styles will still be created in small batches and stone options and details will be rotating.

This week I’ll be previewing four of these pieces and giving you a behind the scenes look at the process of creating them. Since I released the October opal version of the Birthstone Necklace last week, we’ll start there.
medallion necklace inspiration process

The Birthstone Necklace / Ripple Necklace (a version without the stone) is really where my idea of a Signature Collection started. Although I’m most creatively inspired to make statement jewelry, I’ve finally accepted that I just don’t wear these pieces during an average work day. The problem is, I’m not typically drawn to what’s considered “everyday” jewelry, and I end up wearing nothing 80% of the time. And for a jewelry designer, that’s just downright sacrilege. So I set out to make something lightweight, simple and versatile, yet still with enough detail and story to make it interesting.

Nearly every day, I was wishing I had a medallion style piece, reminiscent of the ancient Romans or Greeks. They used these types of pieces to commemorate people or events – a notion that I identify with, as my parents often gifted me jewelry for special occasions. I’d also had the idea of a water ripple bouncing around in my brain for a while, it’s an image that always strikes me. Cause and effect? Eternity? I can’t exactly put my finger on what it means to me, but it just seems magical. Once I started sketching, these ideas melded together and I knew that was it.

Here's a clip of the wax carving process (slightly sped up, unfortunately I don't have the superpower of efficiency). As you can see, I use very fancy tools like toothbrushes, x-acto blades and dental picks. 

Stay tuned for the next previews, and if you want first access to the limited quantities when the collection is released, sign up for my email list in the footer. (There may also be a surprise involved for my Gold Circle members :)

handmade birthstone necklace


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