Signature Collection Preview: Wave Collar Necklace

October 17 2017

Yesterday you saw the making of the Ripple / Birthstone Necklaces, and today we'll continue the preview of my Signature Collection, launching next week. These will be my jewelry essentials, versatile styles that I've been wishing I had for years.

For a while now, I’ve had a grand vision in my head to create the perfect collar necklace. I love collar necklaces. They’re the most regal and elegant jewelry style, in my correct opinion. However, when the bulk of the necklace is metal it can be a bit heavy, and if it’s one solid piece, it can be too rigid and uncomfortable.

SO, I wanted to make something that had visual weight and dimension, but be flexible and easy to wear. Apparently I’ve been in a water inspiration phase, and had the idea of a wave-like piece that could be repeated and flow together to create the illusion of undulating movement. Easier said than done...

collar necklace wax carving process
Y’all, I’m gonna be honest, this piece was a bitch and a half to make. The design itself was a bit elusive to me and I couldn’t accurately sketch it in two dimensions. I had to mock up the dimensions in paper and then went through several versions of the wax itself, spending days carving one design, then completely scrapping it and starting over.

After landing on the right design (the final is pictured in green wax), I needed to check the symmetry to ensure the pieces would flow together correctly. I molded the ends of the final wax with silicon, filled the molds with wax, and was able to place those pieces end-to-end with the final wax to replicate how they would fit together.

After making adjustments to the final wax, I had it molded and received duplicate waxes (pictured in aqua) from my caster. With these, I was able to assemble them as I would the final piece and check that it fit correctly. The back of the pieces is hollowed out and a chain is slipped through, making it lightweight and flexible. I also added stone settings to one wax and had that molded as well.

handmade gold malachite collar necklace
VOILA! I really love this necklace and am relieved it was worth the trouble. I intended it to be an easy-to-wear statement piece that can be casual or dressed up, making it versatile and Signature Collection worthy. I
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