September 22 2014


I mention briefly on its shop page that the Kahlo Necklace is loosely based on a piece that Frida Kahlo wore in many of her portraits, which I wanted to elaborate on here. Citing Frida as a source of inspiration is almost cliche now, but unfortunately there are relatively few historical female painters to reference. And it's hard not to love her vibrancy and unapologetically self-reflective style.

Being from Texas, I've always been drawn to Mexican culture and the amazing artisans and craftsmanship that they are known for. My mom grew up in Corpus Cristi (very close to the border), where much of her side of the family still lives. My aunt and uncle have a ranch there filled with many beautiful Mexican treasures, and they have been kind enough to send us pieces of the traditional blue and white pottery for the past few Christmases.

We took a recent trip to San Miguel with good friends, and I'm not gonna lie, returning to our relatively bland neighborhood left us feeling...blah. It was so refreshing to be in creative, colorful surroundings – architecture, textiles, ceramics, metalworking. But that's what I love about traveling – that awakening of the senses is priceless. I'm already planning our travel schedule for the next year, any recommendations are appreciated!

Frida Kahlo photograph / Frida print / all other images by me