I built the Kristin Miller brand for women like myself, who seek fashion that challenges mediocrity. By making bold, expressive jewelry, I hope to foster confidence and originality in each of my customers. I believe that life isn’t about finding ourselves, but creating ourselves...and having a bit of fun while we’re at it.

I vividly remember scavenging for rocks and crystals at my grandmother’s farm in the Ozarks during many a childhood vacation. Discovering a geode among a mountain’s worth of ordinary pebbles is an unforgettable thrill.

I’ve always viewed the world as an aesthetic playground. Texture, color and composition were things to be explored, whether I was molding clay into tiny animal characters or forcing my family members to pose for portraits. My creative identity has been my constant source of comfort and empowerment.

Fast forward twenty years and I’m still playing with rocks. During a college metalsmithing course, the medium's unique combination of function, design and nostalgia left me hooked. I eventually quit my graphic design job to pursue jewelry as a career, knowing nothing of the industry or logistics. I’ve learned many things since then, perhaps the most important being that my own unique qualities can embolden the uniqueness of others. It hasn't been a short or easy road, but one that I wouldn't trade for anything.

My home is in Dallas with my husband, who constantly inspires me to push beyond the bounds of comfort, and our pack of varmints: Dot, a cheeky black pug with a Napoleon complex; Dixie, a lovable, yet anxiety-ridden rescue mutt; and Cheese, a terminally unamused orange cat.

My style is a marriage of form and material, influenced both by my design experience and love for natural stones. Derived from Art Deco geometry and Native American silhouettes, I aim for a memorable aesthetic that's refined yet organic.

All of my designs begin as carvings that I sculpt from wax, which are then converted into cast bronze pieces through the ancient “lost wax” process. Each creation is hand cast by domestic craftsmen, then finished and assembled in my studio with great care and consideration. By completing much of the labor in-house and tirelessly sourcing reasonable yet distinctive materials, I aim to provide jewelry of the highest quality at the fairest price for my customers.




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