summer shell aquamarine ammonite necklace summer shell aquamarine ammonite necklace summer shell jewelry collection
summer shell aquamarine ammonite necklace

Summer's End One-of-a-Kind Necklace No. 2


Every piece from the Summer's End collection is truly one-of-a-kind – each is the only one in existence and will never be reproduced. I created them with the heat and brightness of the summer season in mind, referencing the sea for a visually refreshing treat.

I tend to gather natural artifacts wherever I go, so the featured bronze shells in these pieces were cast from actual shells that I've collected during coastal travels. 

The pyritized ammonite fossils are hundreds of millions of years old, formed from ancient sea creatures that became extinct with the dinosaurs. I found them so entrancing that I knew I needed to pass them on to others.

I used aquamarine throughout the collection for its cooling color and properties that help to provide mental clarity and calm the nerves. This stone has been associated with water for centuries, used to protect sailors on their journeys, and rumored to be the treasure of mermaids. 

• Aquamarine crystals and pyritized ammonite fossils
• 14k gold filled chain and lobster clasp
• Hand cast yellow bronze  
• Adjustable length up to 18"

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summer shell aquamarine ammonite necklace summer shell jewelry collection


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